Oh! Ancient Songs!(5&6)


What are we leaving for generations to come?

What do we portray as good to them?

Students as low in class as Primary school

Would tell you;

“Kin sha ti lowo”

I hope we won’t be blamed

By generations to come

Oh! Ancient song!​


Circular musics 

Are played on the streets and

On every social media platform,

Even in birthdays,weddings and all

What do they teach?

What messages do they pass across?

Perhaps, you’ve not taken time to 

Study the lyrics

Then, you’ll understand what I’m saying

Oh! Ancient songs!


Oh! Ancient Songs!(3&4)

But what do we have today?

Artists who preach indiscipline

And corruption. 

For money not value

Encouraging fraudulence

And praising those who engage in it

Songs promoting

Sex, the love for money and women

Now the order of the day.

Oh! Ancient songs!


Don’t be perplexed,

Knowing that most of these artists

Started from the church.

Some as choristers

Some as instrumentalists

Whom would tell you

“Gospel o jawo mo”

And then deviate

Trading value

For fame and money

Which is transient. 

Oh! Ancient Song!

Oh! Ancient Songs!

Where are the songs,

Which our fathers sang.

Songs that taught 

Morals and Culture

Songs that preached right ethics

Via meaningful lyrics

Oh, Ancient songs!

Our fathers sang,

To enlighten and to promote art

They taught hardwork,

Discipline and love

They sang to motivate

And to deliver the desires of the masses

To the government. 

Their lyrics were refined messages

Matured to enlighten humanity

Likes of Fela Anikulapo, Ebenezer obey, King Sunny Ade, 

And Beautiful nubia.

Men history wouldn’t be complete without

Oh Ancient Songs!


There’s a life that doesn’t need a megaphone to be pronounced

A life that manifests the true nature of Christ

One whose life is an expression of God’s grace

A perfectly peaceful life
A life full of diverse spiritual gifts

A life within which heaven resides

A life where spiritual things are priorities cos they are permanent not transient

A Christ Statuted life 
A life worth emulating

A purpose driven one

A life intrigued by God’s mighty deeds

One who longs and hungers for Christ
Life who see Christ at the core of everything.
A life out of which flows river of living waters

A living sacrifice unto God,

the reasonable service unto the creator

A life of a visionary with one goal.

The Higher Life is a Spirit defined entity.

Consulting the Spirit

Listening to the spirit

Obeying the spirit

Conforming to the Image of Christ

We all are like an ALLOSTERIC ENZYME whose effective function is dependent on an allosteric modifier which is GOD attached to its allosteric site.

Matthew 10:39

 Those who try to gain their own life will lose it; but those who lose their life for my sake will gain it

Do not live your life by your on principes, you never created yourself nor by your own ways and precepts but

See yourself through God’s eye,

 Any other theory is nothing but devil’s lies,

Let the Holy spirit take the lead

 Cos in the nick of time,

He’s all that you’ll ever need.

Check the Account Of The Apostles.

Written & Edited by- Davadura®



What’s the ideology behind this BOOKAHOLIC thing?

I’m pretty sure, that’s the question on your mind now.

Well! Well!!Well!!!

I won’t hesitate taking you through my thinking room.

Let’s go check it:

Acquainted to lines and rhythm

endowed with energy on the inside

with the quest for knowledge dominatng the mind

obstructing the social foramina

aligned to knowledge than transient wealth is the mindset

hence, seeking information in every of life’s scope.

it’s either scrolls or no other

intrigued by pages with blue or black inks

captured by storylines in related fields

Combating evanescence of knowledge,

is the need for consolidation by constant efforts
Absolutely unshaken to frivolous dogma  

detests dossing around and interactive appearances

Egalitarian, dourly and dovish 

Effectuates academic gymnastics  but can slimly be found in social gatherings.

So much prefers to spend hours alone reading words from left to right than a minute to discuss wellbeing

Often viewed as time wasting 

believes so much in education being the best legacy

outside which poverty is inevitable

Ever feels inward synergy and effervescence

Driven by festschrihold

Zealous in place of  studying while everything else is put on hold

Cares less of what people think as regard his/her personality
focused and determined towards achieving good success

feels independent and self sustaining

shuns longterm discussion

Always No time!No Time Syndrome

Grouchy when targets are not met

Haiku kind of writing most preferred

not taking lightly the halcyon days attributed to scroll reading.

No friend, no ardent foe

knowledge is seen as heirloom

Never engaged in any indissoluble relationship.

My Dear with 70% of this, You are a Bookaholic !

To assuage these, try to be friendly, you’ll have friends.

It might take time, its worth it

One on one relationship with classmates, hostelmates, church friends are vital for the future sake.

Who knows who might need who’s help?

Work on it my dear!

You won’t regret it!

Written & Edited by – Davadura®



Baby you are sweet. 

You are looking smart. 

You are looking chin-chin. 

You are looking take-away

You are looking …………..’ 

 These were the remarks my so-called roommates passed as I promenaded in my new gown right inside our hostel. They actually told me that I could no longer put on the clothes I brought from my house so I yielded to their advice of buying new set of clothes. 

They kept on ‘wow-ing’ and huzzah-ing me as I slid on each gown, making me feel as if it was no longer the Sarah they had always teased about being ‘old-school’ even referring to me as antediluvian on an occasion. 

When I complained about the tightness and skimpiness of the clothes and how they almost revealed my underwear, they laughed it off saying I should have been born in the eighteenth century. They also said that the little exposure was part of present-day fashion. 

Needless to say, I uploaded more pictures on Facebook that day, than all the ones I ever uploaded since I joined platform. I became more thrilled when within three hours, my first picture already hit two hundred likes with almost a hundred comments. 

My ‘friends list’ increased by almost five hundred percent. Boys in my class that would not even share a sit with me in lectures began to give me calls, asking about my well-being. I was in a new world entirely. I began to receive pet names from people in my class (especially the thug-ish and tout-ish ones). My church members became wary. I received several warnings but like the proverbial stray dog who would not heed the hunter’s warning, I rebuffed their pleas.

I do not need to tell you that lovers and paramours who did not surface when I resumed school appeared within two weeks of my wardrobe-change, but my roomies, who were my coaches in the ‘game’, did not waste time in teaching me the strategies of dealing with them. 

However, there was this one boy that won the ‘game’. I mean, he was approved by my coaches. We got so close and my naïve self was not cautious of the situation. I became so emotionally attached to him. I hope you understand what this is all about.

My roomies began to warn me of ‘tighter skirt-ers’. I did not understand fully. I later did the day I received a hot, life-changing, eye-igniting, pressure-increasing, head-spinning (you could go on and on) slap from this boyfriend of mine. This was because I challenged him about another girl he was now moving with. The girl was one of the ‘tighter skirt-ers’, that is, girls with tighter dresses than the one I used to entice my boy. 

Well, life goes on but I have learnt an important lesson. 

Any boy that becomes your close friend because of your tight dresses will surely leave you either when you can no longer wear them, or when he finds someone with tighter dresses.

Look smart but remember, SMART is not spelt T-I-G-H-T. Remember there are ‘tighter skirt-ers’ all around. One word is enough for……….. 

Written by~~~VALIANT

Edited by~~~ Davadura®